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When too much good stuff, just isn’t enough.

The problem seemed simple enough: “Get people who come to ampm stores to buy one more thing.” Problem was, to do that we needed to change the way people behave when they come to a convenience store. We decided to leverage three things the creative team saw happening in their worlds: 1. Ampm customers are competitive – especially online. They want to be the first – the hero among their friends for discovering things - the pack leader. 2. Food culture is huge. Even the most ardent non-foodies have seen Chopped, or some other competitive food show.) 3. Fast food culture now has a velvet rope: the Hidden Menu. If you’re in the know, you know about the Mc10:35 or Animal Style at In-N-Out. So we decided to wrap all three of these behaviors into one and turn the entire store into a giant condiment bar for “plussing up” ampm’s hamburgers, hot dogs, corndogs, breakfast items and even it's soda fountain. We Invented a bunch of new food creations. And from there, the ampm Secret Menu. We photographed our creations for outdoor and in-store, we shot web videos to be used online, and we made radio spots all that lead people to a new Facebook page where they could vote on their favorite concoctions and upload photos of their own creations. We even started working with ampm’s food managers to make these creations and other customer-generated creations items that you could actually buy. Food blogs in LA and SF picked up the story and the ground swell took off.

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