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Swedish Fish

We created a FIRST-EVER Facebook "TV Series" and in the bargain a cast of characters and plots that were used to create paid ads, social content and posts at a fraction of the cost of "Traditional" TV that yielded real business results.

Swedish Fish only ran our creative on Social/Digital and saw double-digit growth. That's because we developed work the audience asked for and gave it to them where they actually were consuming it. We were tasked with making a TVC for the Teen Choice Awards. The spot featured two characters that unexpectedly created a lot of buzz on Social. So we created the First Facebook "TV Series” starring “Man Bun and Child Mind.” We shot 9 episodes (for less than the original TVC) in the first season. From there, we utilized the cast, set, plot-lines to create a whole host of assets that consumers loved and kept Swedish Fish top of mind for a finicky Millenial/GenZ audience.

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