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Breathing digital/social life into a trusted, household brand.



The Priceless Cities Program - built around a site where MasterCard owners can buy unique and magical experiences - had been established for a while. But in a world of almost infinite choice and uninhibited ability to express preference our clients asked that we create a conversation around the Priceless Cities Program in social media.


Enter #LoveThisCity. A conversation centered around the thought: “What it is it about a city where people live or are travel to, that makes it unlike anywhere else on earth - and indeed, Priceless?” 


Using MasterCard's owned social channels and with only a tiny amount of paid support, we seeded the #LoveThisCIty idea. And it took off. By tapping into a shared belief, we unlocked a new way to describe Priceless to consumers - in their own voice.


(NOTE: I shot the print and directed several of the videos below.)

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